Our Farm

Faces of Vitalize


Sean McKissen

Sean is the man behind the scenes, a detox specialist who knows everything about herbs. He creates all of our herb blends and powders and runs the vertical farm, ensuring each plant has everything it needs to thrive. But his role doesn’t stop there. He is our master juicer and grows, packs, and ships our products (he does it all!).

audra headshot

Audra McKissen

 Audra is the customer service specialist who splits her time between the desk and the farm. When she’s not answering questions, she’s in the kitchen juicing, farming, shipping, packing, and creating new products.

kay headshot

Kay Crook

Our off-site sales manager, Kay, is located in California and helps customers choose the best juices to conquer their goals and nutrition needs. As a health coach and veteran avid juicer, she’s the perfect person to show people firsthand what a difference cold-pressed juices can make.