Our Process

Harvesting Every Last Drop of Goodness

Our juice is special. 

We grow all of our own leafy greens indoors on vertical towers, starting them from organic, non-GMO seeds on 100% organic coco coir (ground coconut husks). The room’s temperature and light are completely controlled to ensure the best growing conditions.

Once our plants are 1-3 inches tall, we transfer them in their coco coir to our 10-foot vertical towers. We do not use any dirt, harmful chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.

The result is greens that are better than organic, grown simply with water, light, and mineral-blend nutrients. Vitalize greens are far more nutrient dense than traditional grocery store greens that have traveled up to a week to get to you, and possibly crossed state lines where they were sprayed for bugs.

Our greens come off their towers alive, roots still intact. We trim the roots and save them for our root powder, then blend and press the greens.

Our greens are at their prime as we press them into your juice — they go from growing room to juice in less than 10 minutes. Once we finish pressing, we immediately flash freeze the juice to preserve 99% of its nutrients. Every time you consume a Vitalize Juice product, you’re getting living greens that have never been sprayed and that deliver maximum nutrition.