Heavy Metal + Radiation Detox Foot Oil

Gently detox heavy metals and radiation from your body. This powerful custom blend helps get rid of metals and radiation that accumulate in the body from everyday living. 

Why Detox?

Heavy metals and radiation are all around us, including but not limited to electronics, food, hair care products, body care products, and beauty products. Over time, metals and radiation build up and your body can't function properly, leaving you overloaded, sluggish, and ill. This can lead to major health issues. Our Heavy Metal and Radiation Detox is a simple, safe, gentle, and natural way to aid your body in ridding excess metals and radiation. 

Proven Cure

We are proud to provide proven, evidence-backed products to our customers. We have muscle-tested our custom oil on individuals who need help with detoxing from heavy metals and radiation, and test participants reported that our oil made them stronger. Muscle testing is the body's way of communicating its wants and needs. 

Quality You Can Count On

We bring care and craft to everything we do. We bottle and label every bottle by hand and use only the highest quality ingredients: no fake stuff or chemicals--ever.

We use this on our family every night: you should too!

Single: 1, 10ml bottle –  $25
Family Pack: 3, 10ml bottles – $60

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This product has been muscle tested on our customers and has made them stronger.

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key ingredients

proprietary essential oil blend: coconut, cilantro, oregano, emu, lavender, pine needle

health benefits

  • helps get rid of metals and radiation that accumulate in the body

how to enjoy

Directions: Roll on bottom of feet at bedtime nightly; cover feet with socks.

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