Answers to Your Questions

Why are the juices frozen?

We flash freeze our juices to preserve optimal nutrition. Doing this keeps 99% of the nutrition in the juice for up to 6 months, as long as it remains frozen. You can enjoy the juice at your convenience by keeping them frozen until you’re ready to use them.

How do I thaw my juice?

We recommend thawing in the refrigerator to preserve the nutritional benefits of your juice. Full-size juices will take approximately 24 hours to thaw in the fridge.

How long will my juice stay good for once it thaws?

You’ll get the most out of your juice by consuming it within 24-36 hours. After this, your juice will be drinkable for up to five days but won’t have the same amount of nutrition. Smoothies must be consumed with in 24 hours of thawing due to raw nut milk.

Can I order custom juices?

We love to create custom juices; however, we need to evaluate this on a case-by-case basis. If you know what you like in your juices and can commit to a large order, fill out the Contact Us form with the info and we will reach out to you to see if we can accommodate you.

How should I drink my juice?

Thaw your juice in the refrigerator. Once thawed, shake it up and enjoy cold. Our juices are best consumed when cold.

I am new to juicing. What’s the best way to drink the juices?

The taste of raw, cold-pressed juice is amazing and so good for you! But it can be a little strong if it’s your first time drinking it. Always drink them as cold as possible; it may help to pour over ice and drink with a straw. If you’re not used to the strong flavor of cold-pressed juices, it can take up to 6 juices before your taste buds start to change. They will slowly start tasting better and better and soon you will be craving our juices!

How do I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once your order has shipped there is no way to cancel your order. Since our product is perishable, all sales are final once they have left our facility. If you order by mistake, call customer service AND send an email immediately. We will do our best to cancel it.

How long will my juices take to ship?

Depending on how many orders we have, they normally ship within 24 hours. We only ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays to make sure your juice arrives before Sunday. Your order should arrive with in 48 hours or being shipped. You will then receive a tracking number so you will know exactly when to expect your juice. We can NOT ship to P.O. boxes of any kind. Your juices will arrive frozen and should be fine for a couple hours if you’re not home at the time of delivery. Use discretion if temperatures are extremely hot.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is calculated at checkout. Your shipping total will be based your zip code and the shipping rate given by UPS or FEDEX. We do our best to always provide 50% off shipping coupons so we can pay half of your shipping rate. Discounted and free shipping does not apply to residents of Alaska and Hawaii. Herbs, teas and powders are shipped through USPS.

How do refunds work?

Our juice product is perishable, so once your order has shipped we cannot cancel shipping. Please contact Customer Service if you encounter a problem with one of our products.

We do not offer returns or refunds on our products.

Our juices are perishable and once the package leaves our facility we have no way to get it back. We do NOT accept return shipments. If your products are damaged or poor quality upon arrival please contact us immediately. Depending on the situation and circumstances we can work something out. Some options may be; we will replace the products at our cost, or provide a full or partial credit. Please contact us IMMEDIATELY (same day as arrival) at info@vitalizejuiceco.com or call or text 208-490-0000.

Our herbs and teas are high quality. Please remember that everyone has different reactions to herbs. If your not satisfied with your herbs or teas please contact us. Depending on the situation the herbs/teas may be returned with a 50% restocking fee. Please contact us so we can find a solution that works best for both parties.

Lost packages : If you’re FedEX or UPS tracking updates state that your package was delivered, you will have to contact FedEx or UPS and file a claim for a missing package. Once you have a claim number, please send that over to us via phone or email, if your product is not found or delivered (undamaged and not spoiled) within the next 3 days we can ship you a new shipment on the next available ship day.

How are the herbs, teas, and powders shipped?

Loose herbs, teas, and powders will be shipped in plastic bags, paper bags, or plastic bottles to keep shipping costs low. Herbs, teas and powders are shipped through USPS. Once you receive your product, we recommend storing in a glass jar with a lid to preserve freshness. Store in a cool dark place. Capsules will be shipped in bottles.