Blue Pear Juice

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Blue Pear contains freshly-pressed pear juice, coconut water, and blue spirulina. Pears are known for so many amazing benefits, such as improved skin, hair, and circulation; reduced inflammation; immunity-boosting properties, and more. But the real star of this drink is blue spirulina, which can help improve the immune system, increase energy, improve digestion, and eliminate free radicals — and those are just a few of the benefits. This juice is a great addition to any cleanse or as an everyday boost. It’s packed with nutrition and super hydrating.


Blue Pear Juice × 18

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key ingredients

pear, coconut water, lemon, organic blue spirulina

health benefits

  • improved skin, hair, and circulation
  • reduced inflammation
  • immunity-boosting
  • improve the immune system
  • increase energy
  • improve digestion
  • eliminate free radicals

how to enjoy

Thaw in refrigerator, shake
well, keep cold and drink
within 24 hours.

4 reviews for Blue Pear Juice

  1. fyhbasfm

    One of my favorites. Very refreshing. Nice for taking a break from my gardening!

  2. Kay Crook

    Perfect hydrating juice for after a workout! It tastes great and has so many health benefits! bonus: my kids LOVE it.

  3. onewolfyheeler

    One of my favorites. Fresh and clean taste! Almost could use “invigorating” to describe it!

  4. Erica & Joel Salazar

    This was the first juice we tried & it was amazing! It reminded me of an ocean water from Sonic…without all the “bad stuff” & 100 times better for you! It has a clean & refreshing taste.

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Blue Pear Juice