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You ever think about your liver? The liver is the largest internal organ and has roughly 500 critical functions inside of our bodies. This is why we have sourced the top four ingredients that are proven to increase liver and gallbladder function and assist with liver detox. Your liver is the organ that recognizes toxins […]

turmeric roots and powder

You ever think about your liver?

The liver is the largest internal organ and has roughly 500 critical functions inside of our bodies. This is why we have sourced the top four ingredients that are proven to increase liver and gallbladder function and assist with liver detox.

Your liver is the organ that recognizes toxins in your body and converts them into materials that the body can release. Without your liver it would be impossible to have healthy metabolism, circulation, balance of hormones, clean blood, and digestion. It is important to have a daily liver protocol to help support your liver functions.

If you are experiencing fatigue, bloating, mind fog, constipation, weight gain, high cholesterol, mood swings, depression, sugar cravings, body odor or a hormonal imbalance it might be time for you to do a 3 day juice cleanse and a liver detox protocol.

What are a few of the main functions of your liver?

  1. Filtration–Filtration is the key to life, and without filtration we wouldn’t be alive for long (toxin build up). Everything we encounter and consume orally needs to be filtered or our bodies will become sluggish and full of toxins. The world is full of toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.
  2. Digestion- We all know how important digestion is for every living being on earth. Without digestion we could not absorb nutrients that give us the energy of life. The typical American diet will destroy the gut microbiome leading to leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome and so many more painful diseases. Gut issues are common in the United States, and gut issues will directly affect mood, energy, focus, and overall health.
  3. Storage of Vitamins and Minerals- Humans have many energy channels (meridians) as stated in Chinese medicine. Your liver is what gives each channel the correct energy to function correctly. Vitamins and minerals are the foundational building blocks that store energy in our body and mind. Most people living in the United States are vitamin and mineral deficient (mainly mineral deficiency) because the soil has been contaminated with pesticides in the United States and are missing the critical minerals, we need to have a successful life.
  4. Metabolism & Detoxification- Metabolism is a chemical process that occurs within our bodies to maintain life. Metabolism is a cellular process that converts food into energy. The conversion of food into the building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates. Your liver is in your body to naturally detox toxins, but if you get a toxin build up you must detox the detox organ.
  5. Protein synthesis- Protein synthesis is one of the most fundamental biological processes by which individual cells build their specific proteins. Within the process are involved both DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and different in their function ribonucleic acids (RNA).

If you work in a toxic environment, it is crucial to your long-term health to proactively give your body the correct herbal blend to support your liver. Occupations that involve solvents, and  synthetic prescription medications contain solvents that can clog your liver and prevent your body’s natural detox function. While the liver blend is the least expensive blend, it is packed full of four ingredients that are known to jumpstart the liver and smoothly detox your system.

Licorice Root – (Liver & Glandular Support)

Licorice root is said to be one of the most researched medical plants in history. Studies find that consuming licorice root will improve liver enzymes that have been damaged from alcohol and other toxins. Not only will licorice root protect against current liver damage in studies they have proved that it can also repair prior damage.

Licorice root will help clear up skin issues, acid reflux, indigestion, coughing, peptic ulcers, upper respiratory issues, sore throat, and hot flashes. This magical powder’s main function is to help your body promote vitality and balance.

Licorice root promotes proper sugar balance, provides glandular, adrenal, and lymphatic support. The compounds inside of licorice root also have been known to boost weight loss, treat hepatitis C, control diabetes, ease menopause symptoms, and help fight cancer.

Milk Thistle – (Liver & Gallbladder Support)

Milk thistle is a great plant for protecting and rejuvenating the liver and gallbladder. This plant can protect against fatty liver, liver disease, hepatitis, and even liver cancer. Mile thistle is thought to reduce damage of the liver caused by free radicals, which are produced when your liver metabolizes toxins.

For over 2000 years they have used milk thistle in people with declining brain function such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Nettle Root – (Cardiovascular Support)

Nettle Root is known for improving prostate health and the cardiovascular system. It is our cardiovascular system that is responsible for transporting nutrients, oxygen and waste products throughout the body, while maintaining bodies temperature and fluid balance.

Nettle root is also great for arthritis, allergies and other conditions caused by inflammation in the body.

Turmeric – (Anti-Inflammatory / Omega 3 Booster)

The 4000-year-old antioxidant spice that can help calm painful inflammation in the body joints and fascia. Curcumin is the main active ingredient is turmeric, which is known to fight inflammation, arthritis, depression, cancer, type 2 diabetes, viral infections, kidney disease. high cholesterol, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and acne to name a few.

Turmeric has been shown to increase the levels (BDFN) protein in the brain. (BDFN) protein is responsible for life promoting brain neurons, which plays a very important role in the brains function of memory and well-being. Common brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression are due to a lack of this (BDFN) protein.

Turmeric has also been shown to increase cancer cell death, reduce growth of new blood vessels in tumors, reduce the spread of cancer. Turmeric is in the same family as ginger which is also known to have superior healing properties.


turmeric roots and powder

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Anti- inflammatory, Anti- Microbial, Anti-Cancer, Anti-Viral


Warning: As a good rule it is best to consult with your Dr if you are taking synthetic medications (prescriptions). Most common side effects occur with people taking blood pressure medicine, Nitrates or Erectile disfunction medicines such as Viagra or Cialis. Because Herbs, roots and barks will increase your Nitric Oxide Production they can interact with synthetic medications. Most common side effects are dizziness, nausea symptoms that could last for two hours.