The Vitalize Story: How a Near-Death Experience Lead to a Life of Sharing Wellness with Others

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At Sean McKissen's lowest point, he made a promise to himself and the universe: “If I live, I’ll help a thousand people.” 

In 2017, Sean McKissen was almost sure he was going to die. 

After losing his father to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), the human variant of Mad Cow disease, Sean had found himself at his most unhealthy he had ever been. Sean had grown up plagued by health issues: as a kid, he experienced what he refers to as “the worst case of everything,” from sinus issues and stomach problems to allergies and fibromyalgia. 

Sean’s family ran a garbage disposal company, and he was exposed to oils, solvents, and environmental toxins at an unusually high rate, even for today’s modern standards. He had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and more diseases over the years, and as he reached adulthood, he was no stranger to the doctor’s office. 

So when Sean decided to take his health into his own hands, it was when he was in the worst physical health of his life so far. Armed only with his own research and a desire to live a healthier life, he embarked on a parasite cleanse. 

Sean’s experience with his first, intense parasite cleanse brought him dangerously close to a catastrophic health incident, or even death. At his lowest point, he made a promise to himself and the universe: “If I live, I’ll help a thousand people.” 

The Purpose that Lead to Vitalize Juice Co. 

Sean lived, and after his first parasite cleanse experience, he set out on a journey of extensive research and knowledge-gathering. Sean and Audra, his wife, began to build a passion for health and the healing properties of the natural world, and before long, they wanted to share it with more people. It began with sharing what they’d learned about the wisdom of ancient Chinese and Eastern medicine and spirituality with friends and family members. 

One friend, who could barely walk with a rapid onset of multiple sclerosis, was able to regain physical health and strength with a cleanse Sean shared with her. Sean began to dig deeper into cleanses, herbs, and how to use the natural world around us to heal and live in alignment with the amazing properties of roots and herbs. Sean’s research led him to understand more about how the body works, and how our natural detoxification processes can become bogged down by the modern world’s onslaught of toxins. 

Healing with Natural Ingredients

Over time, Sean began to want to be able to verify every ingredient, every process, and every part of the nature-based healing products he was using and sharing with family and friends. Together, Audra and Sean decided to found their own health-focused wellness company, Vitalize Juice Co., to bring the powers of nature to more people: healing juices, herbs, creams, oils, and more that can get at the root causes of the health issues so many people deal with daily. 

Rather than masking symptoms with over-the-counter or prescribed medications, Vitalize Juice Co.’s products are targeted at the underlying issues keeping people ill. Rooted in thousands of years of traditional wisdom, Vitalize Juice Co.’s mission is to bring health and vitality through small everyday changes–such as fresh-pressed juices and herbs–to as many people as possible.\

Their philosophy is simple: share all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff so people can live their healthiest, most fulfilled lives.