Why Choose Fresh Juice?

Health & Nutrition

Ready to start juicing? We love working with people who are just embarking on their health journeys because the results are so rewarding. Here are just a few of the reasons we think you’ll benefit from adding fresh, live ingredients to your life.

Juicing allows you to consume up to five pounds of produce.

You read that right! You can intake one to five pounds of produce, plus all of their nutrients, in just 12 ounces of juice. You’ll flood your body with energy, clarity, vitamins, and minerals. Juice can help you meet your nutrient needs, serve as a supplement, or be used as a cleanse. Fresh-pressed juices may help detoxify your body, fight cancer, boost your immune system, benefit the digestive system, and support cardiovascular health and weight loss. Individual fruits and vegetables may have additional benefits, but in general, a 12-ounce bottle of juice is a mean multitasker.

Your body needs living foods.

Fruits and vegetables lose up to 80 percent of their valuable nutrition when cooked due to chemical and enzymatic changes. When you consume fresh-pressed fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you consume living ingredients your body needs to thrive. Living, cold-pressed juice is alkaline-forming and allows you to extract the most nutrition from ingredients. These nutrients would otherwise be wasted because most of us can’t eat enough of these ingredients or chew them well enough to get the maximum benefits.

Juice is the ultimate hydrator.

Fresh, cold-pressed juices penetrate your cells for superior hydration. The water or juice inside fruits and vegetables is the only ingredient that hydrates and rebuilds cells from the inside out, a requirement of full hydration. Healthy cells equal a healthy immune system.

Juice fasts give your body a rest.

Cold-pressed juice includes some soluble fiber, which is amazing for your body. When you drink only juices, which don’t have pulp, your stomach can “turn off” and your body can use that energy to heal, fix, and reset other problem areas. Your body can absorb the goodness without “turning on” your digestion, allowing your cells to regenerate.

Leafy greens have superpowers.

Greens possess more valuable nutrients than any other food group. Most of their nutrients are stored in the cells of the plants, which are made of tough material that helps ensure the plant’s survival. To release the nutrients from the cells of these plants, the cell walls need to be ruptured — a task that can’t be accomplished by chewing alone. You can’t satisfy all of your nutritional needs from chewing leafy greens; to do that, you would need to chew your greens to a creamy consistency (which most of us don’t do). That’s why we blend our greens before putting them through our cold press juicer. This process breaks down the cell wall and releases potent chlorophyll for the ultimate juice.

Eating and drinking living plants creates the optimal environment for your body so it can absorb all of the nutrition you provide it. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us! We’d be happy to make recommendations so you can get the most benefit from our products.